Established in the year 1990

Immersion Heater Manufacturers

Hindon Electrical is one of the leading Immersion Heater Manufacturers in India. The company delivers and supplies high-quality, long-lasting, and high-tech heating elements. We have decades of experience in designing and manufacturing immersion heaters. Our products are continuously meet the diverse demand of our costumes from different industries. 

About Our Immersion Heater

Our immersion heater is designed to directly heat chemical, petroleum, and water-based applications. They transfer heat in fluids, especially medium and lightweight oils and water in tanks and pressure vessels. They are made using brazing or welding flange and consist of several hairpin or bulge tubular elements, a metal tube, and other heating components that convert electrical energy into heat. A thermocouple or RTD is also assembled within the elements to maintain the specific temperature.

Hindon Electrical immersion heaters contain features, like adjustable thermostats, thermal cutoff setup, and corrosion-resistant materials. Their compact and simple design ensures easy installation and maintenance. 

Benefits of Our Immersion Heater

  • Quick and Effective heating
  • Excellent temperature control
  • Lightweight easy installation
  • Excellent safety features minimize danger risk
  • Simple design easy to maintain
  • Durable and resistant to corrosion, rust, and moisture
  • Compact in size suitable for narrow space
  • Consume less energy save electricity and money

Our immersion heater is designed using different alloys and materials to comply with specific applications. For example, stainless steel flange heating elements are used for mild and corrosive applications.  steel flanges are suitable for lubricant oils, heavy and light oils, waxes, deionized water, and various corrosive liquids such as low-flow gas and water tank heating.

Technical Specification of Our Immersion Heater

Plus, different material sheaths require different temperatures and watt densities for functioning. The table given below provides you insight into finding the right material for your project needs.

Sheath Material Maximum operating temperatures Maximum Watt
°F °C W/in²
INCOLOY 1600 870 100
304 stainless steel 1200 650 100
Steel 750 400 30

Applications and Industries

Hindon Electricals immersion heaters are suitable for various applications such as hot water for daily use, including bathing, cleaning, cooking, pasteurization, chemical processing, heat production in different manufacturing processes, and more. 

Our heaters serve several industries including residential water heating, chemical processing, pharmaceutical, laboratory research, automotive, marine, HVAC, oil and gas, food and beverage, and many more. 

Our Commitment

Being one of the trusted Immersion Heater Manufacturers, we give priority to quality first. So, we use premium raw components, high-end technology, and excellent inspection and testing methodology. Our skilled professionals prepare the blueprint based on customer requirements and then execute the production process. Throughout production, our quality control unit strictly follows industrial norms to meet the highest quality standards of different organizations.

If you are looking for a commercial, residential, or industrial immersion heater, you can trust Hindon Electricals. We deliver a varied range of heating solutions that are advanced in technology, sturdy structures, long-lasting, superior performance, customized solutions, and meet standard industrial regulations.

Moreover, you can receive a quality product at a competitive price with timely delivery. For detailed information, you can contact our customer support assistant. Our expert analysts entertain you with the best possible guidance until your satisfaction.