Established in the year 1990

Ceramic Band Heater Manufacturers

Hindon Electricals is one of the top-notch Ceramic Band Heater Manufacturers in India. The organization manufactures, distributes, and exports heating solutions that meet the various needs of different industries. Our ceramic band heaters are used for the industrial heating process. They are designed in a ring shape to wrap around cylindrical objects, including, pipes, barrels, and tanks. These band heaters consist of ceramic insulation layers. 

The layers cover a high-temperature heating element. These heating elements are typically made of nickel-chromium (NiCr) wire and encased within a stainless steel sheath. They also use resistance coils attached to ceramic tiles to generate heat.  The ceramic core efficiently transfers heat to the object through direct contact and thermal energy waves. 

These Ceramic Band heaters designed by Hindon Electricals contain several properties, including excellent thermal conductivity, high-temperature capability, efficient heat distribution, flexible design, durable construction, energy efficiency, and versatility. 

They also come with high flexibility, finish, abrasion resistance, precision engineering, crack-free, and high dimensional accuracy. They are perfect for extrusion, and injection molding machinery for plastic melting and forming. In packaging, they maintain consistent temperatures in sealing equipment. 

Benefits Of Our Ceramic Band Heater

  • Effective heat distribution
  • High-temperature capacity around 600°C or 760°C
  • Minimal heat loss due to ceramic insulation
  • Quickly reaches operating temperature
  • The ceramic core effectively conducts and radiates heat
  • Provides uniform heating without a tight fit
  • Easy installation on objects with obstacle surfaces or large diameters
  • Superior resistance to wear and tear and improves heater lifespan
  • Reduce energy consumption and operating costs

Our product offers consistent and even heat around the surface. They also come in various sizes, wattages, and configurations to suit diverse industrial applications which is suitable for different heating processes.

Industries And Applications

Being one of the leading Ceramic Band Heater Manufacturers, Hindon Electricals supplies these heaters in various sizes and watt densities to meet specific requirements. These appliances are widely used in industries including, plastics processing, packaging, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical. They are used for heating tanks and pipes for safe food processing. The pharmaceutical industry uses these tools to sterilize equipment in controlled heating.

Manufacturing Process of Ceramic Band Heater

Hindon Electricals manufactures ceramic band heaters through a detailed process such as using high-quality nickel-chromium (NiCr).  Our professionals convert the raw material into specific shapes using advanced technologies and cold rolling mills. 

Our band heaters are also annealed through an electrical furnace. They are placed into a seething machine for insulating durable steel seething as per requirement. All the manufacturing process provides robust and reliable construction that meets industrial standards in terms of performance and safety.

At Hindon Electricals, we are backed by decades of experience in the industry. We conduct various quality inspections and testing from start to finish in the production. Our consistent development and improvement in manufacturing meet various national and international standards. You can contact Hindon Electricals for your queries and further assistance.  

  • Plastic injection molding machine.
  • Plastic extrusion machine.
  • Waste incineration.
  • Pipeline heating.
  • Semiconductor industry.
Sheath Material Aluminium coated or Stainless Steel
Watt Density Up to 400 W/in²
Insulation Material Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Watt Density Up to 45 W/in²
Watt Ratings 500-5000 W
Voltage 120 V & 240 V, single phase, 2 phase and 3 phase
Width 25mm-250mm
Diameter 40mm minimum, expandable up to 1200mm in 3 parts.
Operating temperature 650°C