Established in the year 1990


Porcelain heaters, also known as ceramic heaters, are heating devices that use ceramic materials to generate heat. They are commonly used in ovens and tanks where draining is not possible to change the heaters. 

Here are some things to consider when buying a porcelain heater:

  • Working voltage: Porcelain heaters have a working voltage of 230 V AC to 440 V AC.
  • Element diameters: The minimum element diameter is 25 mm and the maximum is 63 mm.
  • Wattage: Porcelain heaters can have a maximum wattage of up to 9 kW.
  • Construction: Porcelain heaters are constructed by assembling several refractory ceramic blocks together to the required length.
  • Insulators: Porcelain heaters are made with high temperature bearing insulators.
  • Placement: When positioning a porcelain heater, place it on a hard level surface at least 2 feet away from furniture, bedding, clothing, rugs, etc.. 

Porcelain heaters are known for their high precision, performance, and durability.