Established in the year 1990


Silicon rubber heater are extremely thin and flexible and can be constructed in any geometry to fit on almost any type of contours. Their thin design and direct bonding to the application facilitates efficient and rapid heat transfer resulting in faster heating and lower wattage requirement. Silicone Rubber Heaters offer a very high watt density and their versatile design permits higher or lower heat concentration zones to meet distributed wattage requirements. They can be pre-formed to complex shapes and can withstand mechanical shock and vibration. They can also accommodate Thermostats or RTD for precise temperature controls. For ease of connectivity, termination can be provided at any location. Different mounting methods such as pressure sensitive adhesive, field applied adhesive, Velcro etc. are available according to the requirement. Silicone Rubber Heaters are available in two types-
  • Wire wound
  • Etched foil

Wire wound elements consist of the resistance wire wound on a fiberglass cord for support and stability. Wire wound is recommended and preferred for all large and small sized heaters.

Etched foil heaters are made with a thin metal foil (.001”) as the resistance element. The etched foil heater provide exceptional heat transfer compared to wire wound elements, due to its large flat surface area. It can deliver more uniform heat profiles with higher watt densities, providing longer operating heater life.