Established in the year 1990

Micro Coil Heater Manufacturers

We at Hindon Electricals are one of the prominent micro coil heater manufacturers in India. We are taking care of different industrial heating requirements by producing a wide variety of heaters. Our micro coil heaters are one of them and are considered perfect to use in different applications including electronics industry, medical devices, laboratory equipment, 3D printing, and several other industries. Being into this business segment for over 30+ years, we have become expert in fabricating this small industrial heater.

We come across varying industrial requirements that leads to the manufacturing of different types of micro coil heaters. Our professionals do thorough research before fabricating any of the industrial heaters including micro coil heaters. It is to ensure that all the micro coil heaters are equipped with pioneering technology to meet the on-going industrial requirements. We at Hindon Electricals engineer micro coil heaters that are capable of offering heat with great efficiency. We fabricate them using superior quality resistance wire which are coiled uniformly to give high performance. We mainly manufacture micro coil heaters using nickel-chromium alloy which is considered best in showing electrical resistivity and generating heat. Being one of the premier micro coil heater manufacturers, we design compact size micro coil heaters. All the micro coil heaters are well insulated using high grade ceramic or polymers that offer resistivity to high temperature.

We are consistently improving the functioning of our micro coil heaters to enable to operate smoothly for several years. These micro coil heaters may vary in configuration depending on the applications they are used for. The maximum heating temperature range also varies in these industrial heaters supplied by us to match the varying needs. We at Hindon Electricals are known for supplying energy-efficient micro coil heaters. Our micro coil heaters have robust construction and require low maintenance.

Being one of the ISO approved micro coil heater manufacturers we pay complete attention to the quality and efficiency of these heaters. We have achieved maximum customer satisfaction by delivering these impeccable quality micro coil heaters. They undergo several quality tests to ensure their compliance with the industrial and safety standards. We are supplying these at budget-friendly prices to fulfil the needs at different industries. All the micro coil heaters are available with warranty and long-lasting durability.

  • Plastic injection molding machine.
  • Plastic extrusion machine.
  • Waste incineration.
  • Pipeline heating.
  • Semiconductor industry.
Sheath Material Aluminium coated or Stainless Steel
Watt Density Up to 400 W/in²
Insulation Material Ceramic Fiber Blanket
Watt Density Up to 45 W/in²
Watt Ratings 500-5000 W
Voltage 120 V & 240 V, single phase, 2 phase and 3 phase
Width 25mm-250mm
Diameter 40mm minimum, expandable up to 1200mm in 3 parts.
Operating temperature 650°C