Established in the year 1990

Industrial Electrical Heater Manufacturers

We at Hindon Electricals have become one of the well-esteemed Industrial Electrical Heater manufacturers offering exceptional quality heaters. Industrial processing does require heaters for a wide number of applications. Being an expert in manufacturing immersion heaters, we are supporting several industries that are dealing into a variety of liquids and chemicals including petroleum industry, oil industry, and chemical processing industry. We understand such heating requirements well and are fabricating highly efficient industrial electrical heaters.

Industrial processes require excellent performing industrial electrical heaters. Our team of experts and analysts have conducted thorough research to produce premium range of electrical heaters. We at Hindon Electricals are known for designing electrical heaters that are capable of producing good amount of heat to meet the industrial requirements.

We understand that different industries require different types of electrical heaters. That is why our professionals design assorted range of electrical heaters according to the industries and their heat requirement. We mainly use stainless steel for fabricating these industrial heaters. Industries require high temperature for heat production and stainless steel metal is known for offering excellent heat resistivity. Being one of the premier Industrial Electrical Heater Manufacturers in India, we apply rust proof coating on the stainless steel metal to make them work effectively without the risk of getting corroded.

All our industrial electrical heaters are equipped with safety features including automatic shut-off at required temperature, overheat protection and proper insulation to avoid any injury or damage. We are manufacturing electrical heaters that come with adjustable heat settings. It helps in adjusting the temperature to heat the liquid at expected temperature. Being one of the ISO certified Industrial Electrical Heater Manufacturers in India, we are known for producing energy-efficient heaters which is the primary need for most industries. It helps these industries cut on the consumption of excess of electrical energy and save good amount on the same. Our industrial electrical heaters come in various sizes to heat different amount of liquid with ease.

We at Hindon Electricals do offer customization to supply industries with desired industrial electrical heater. Every electrical heater fabricated by us is known for fast heating which increases the speed of industrial processes that rely on them. We are designing and fabricating all these industrial heaters in accordance with the safety and industrial parameters. That is why, all our industrial electrical heaters are of impeccable quality and offer long lasting durability. We offer them all with warranty and at best market prices to meet the heating requirements of different industries.

Sheath Material Maximum operating temperatures Maximum Watt
°F °C W/in²
INCOLOY 1600 870 100
304 stainless steel 1200 650 100
Steel 750 400 30