Established in the year 1990


Hindon makes coil heaters which are an advance concept of thermal engineering & are also known as high performance tubular or cable heaters. Coil heaters offers high heating profile within the coil section. They are available with variety of wattages, surface loads, high performance in compact spaces up to temperature as high as 750°C. They can be constructed with or without built-in thermocouples for temperature control. Coil heaters are available in many different size options from straight & coil form. Coil heaters are used in variety of industries & are economically feasible one. Coil heaters can be closely wound to provide concentrated heat or can be stretched to fulfil distribution wattage needs. Coil heaters are also available with various exit styles & configurations to suit the requirement of the application.
Sheath material Chrome Nickel Steel
Insulation material High purity MgO
Heating element NiCr 80:20
Thermocouple ‘J type (Fe K). ‘K’ type (Cr Al) grounded or ungrounded
Connection Wires Stranded Nickel wires with PTFE coating
Voltage Range 24 to 250 volts
Power rating Depending on application
Power tolerance ±10%
H. V Testing 800 V (Bent heater),500 V between T/C and heating element
Insulation Resistance >5 MW
Current Leakage <0.5 mA
Sheath Temperature 750°C max
Adapter Temperature 150°C max