Established in the year 1990

Cartridge Heater Manufacturers

Hindon Electricals is one of the top-notch Cartridge Heater Manufacturers in India. This company has completed 30+ years in this business. Our focus on delivering products that always being reliable makes us a trusted partner with customers from different industries. 

The extensive technical expertise and inventive thoughts enable our professionals to develop innovative products within estimated times and continue to maintain the standard of quality. As a result, our products are demanded by the best organizations in the country and around the globe. 

About Our Cartridge Heater

Cartridge heaters from Hindon Electricals are designed for various industrial heating applications. They typically consist of a cylindrical steel metal tube, with a heating coil. This coil is insulated with a ceramic or magnesium oxide powder to generate heat. Their design specification includes superior sheath material, a length of 72 inches, a watt density is up to 760°C (1400 °F), and a voltage requirement is up to 480 V AC. 

These cartridge heaters are inserted into drilled holes or cavities in machinery, molds, or dies to generate consistent and controlled heat. The features of our heaters include compact size, rapid heating, direct heat transfer, durable construction,  customization, and simple design. Our products offer many benefits.

Benefits Of Our Cartridge Heater

  • Excellent heat transmission with minimal energy loss
  • Quickly reach the required temperature commanded for operation
  • Simple and space-efficient design fitting into tight spaces
  • Allows accurate heating to specific temperatures
  • Suitable for different semiconductor and industrial applications
  • Resistant to fire, moisture, and different industrial situations
  • Excellent safety from fire risk
  • Easy to install or insert into equipment for immediate use

Usage And Applications

Our cartridge heaters are widely used for different applications, such as semiconductor chamber heating, die bonding, freeze protection, humidity control, metal die casting, packaging equipment, glass forming equipment, medical devices, and deicing equipment in cold climates or applications.

They are also used in plastics manufacturing, food production, 3D printers, aerospace,  automotive, laboratory equipment, and more. 

Being one of the trusted Cartridge Heater Manufacturers, we take several careful steps to deliver quality. Our expert engineers design the cartridge heater depending on customer application needs, such as specific dimensions, wattage, voltage, and materials.

State-of-the-art technology and advanced manufacturing equipment are utilized in our facility. So, we reach our committed goal at a faster pace while meeting the standards of different aspects. 

Moreover, each heater undergoes the toughest testing for electrical continuity, temperature tolerance, insulation resistance, and output performance. Thus, our products meet the maximum specifications and safety standards of different industries. 

If you are looking for a Cartridge Heater, Hindon Electricals is one of the reputed manufacturers. We provide quality-assured products with a comprehensive warranty, competitive pricing, and timely delivery. 

  • Semiconductor chamber heating.
  • Semiconductor wire and die bonding.
  • Freeze protection and deicing of equipment in cold climates or applications.
  • Humidity control.
  • Patient comfort heating used in medical devices.
  • Metal die casting.
  • Seal bars used in packaging equipment.
  • High-temperature glass forming equipment.
Sheath Material Stainless steel, INCOLOY
Watt Density Up to 400 W/in²
Design temperatures Up to 760°C (1400° F).
Voltage Up to 480V AC
Length Up to 72 inches
Leads Stranded/ Swaged in/ Pin leads/ Crimped on/ Customized
Controls Thermocouple/ RTD
Sheath Length tolerance +3% (standard), special tolerance available on request
Wattage length +5%, -10%
Resistance tolerance +10%,-5%